(Ideal for beginners)

Our exclusive hands-on makeup experience for beginners, immediate and non-makeup artists. During this 4-hour event, participants will follow along as Hellen guides you through a complete make up application while navigating through techniques such as

  • foundation selection,
  • brow shaping,
  • eye shadow blending,
  • colour correcting,
  • highlighting/contouring and much more.

Note: Hands-On Class. This class has been designed for those with a beginner/intermediate makeup skill level. Perfect class for individuals looking to develop skills “from scratch” to those wishing to build upon current base knowledge. 

Course fee – £170


Includes Certificate (Must have a basic MU Certificate/Diploma)

intense, hands-on, professional makeup courses created for seasoned artists as well as beginners (see below). Our school’s curriculum is designed to dive into the basics of makeup while teaching extensively on Effortless makeup application techniques.

Note: Our pro series class are designed for artists with at least a minimum skill level. Although beginner makeup artists are welcome to register, we do require that all artists have some experience working on faces other than their own.

Includes Pro Series topics,

Week 1

  • Sanitation Practices
  • Makeup Kit Must Haves
  • Brow Sculpting
  • Colour Correcting

Week 2

  • Colour Theory
  • Natural/Everyday Makeup Techniques
  • Working with Eyes To Create Various Looks
  • Working with Dry, Sensitive & Mature Skin

Week 3

  • Highlighting/Contouring & Face Architecture
  • Look Adjustments & Changes + (fixing makeup problems)
  • Bridal Makeup Artistry

Week 4

  • Artist To Owner: Business Seminar

Course fee – £1460